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Manufacturing Champion Profile: Cliff Wood

Post: May. 6, 2016

Cliff Wood photoThe Council of Industry has named the recipients of its annual Manufacturing Champion awards. The award recognizes individuals from the private sector, public sector, and education, along with an organization, who through vision, dedication, hard work and tireless involvement have helped to overcome some of the many obstacles faced by manufacturers in the Hudson Valley community and have made it possible for manufacturers and their employees to prosper.

For our final Manufacturing Champion profile we turn to our oldest honor, Public Sector Champion. This year the recipient if Dr. Cliff Wood for his outstanding leadership as President of SUNY Rockland. Since assuming that position in 2004 Wood has overseen major growth in the College’s enrollment, community involvement, and workforce development. The Council is particularly supportive of the many manufacturing-related programs on campus he has backed, such as the Haverstraw Manufacturing Center/3d Printing Lab, the TAACCCT Grant, and the Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership Program. Additionally, his leadership in forming the Hudson Valley Community College partnership has been beneficial to manufacturers throughout the Hudson Valley. Wood has also served as president of the New York Community Colleges Association of Presidents from 2009-2013, and as a member of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council, and he was a friend of manufacturing in that capacity as well.

“Dr. Wood’s leadership in support of manufacturing in Rockland County and throughout the Hudson Valley are second to none,” Said Harold King, Council of Industry Executive Vice President, “The creation of the Haverstraw manufacturing center; the creation of the Hudson Valley Community College Consortium; the college’s preeminent role in workforce development are just a few examples of his commitment to manufacturing and to regionalism.”

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